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Welcome to the Planetary Atmospheres Node of the Planetary Data System of NASA.

About the Planetary Atmospheres Node

The Planetary Atmospheres Node (Atmospheres Node, or Atmos) of the Planetary Data System (PDS) is responsible for the acquisition, preservation, and distribution of all non-imaging atmospheric data from all planetary missions (excluding Earth observations). The primary goal of the node is to make available to the research community the highest quality data possible. To this end, data are reviewed and re-formatted where necessary in order to meet the documentation and quality standards established by the PDS. As additional services, Atmospheres Node provides the current weather, and also provides information on relevant Astronomy topics for educational purposes.

Cassini data are due to the PDS 9-12 months after acquisition, delivered every three months. PDS must still validate those data before they are considered archived. This may result in a delay between the time that Cassini delivers data and the time when PDS makes the data available. Alternately, PDS may choose to put data online while they are being validated. PDS urges caution when using any data that have been released to PDS for less than three months.
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