View Details: Rev284 Saturn Gravity Field and Rings Occultation

Basic Information

Project: CAS
Experiment Description: Rev284 Saturn Gravity Field and Rings Occultation
Local Date: 07/18/2017 UTC
Experiment Type: Prime Gravity Science Experiments
Op Mode: rss3a*
Segment: SATURN_283_284
Sequence: 101
Rev: 284
One-Way Light-Time: 01:17:00
Last Modified: 2017-07-24 17:01:26 Pacific

Experiment Sequencing

Activity Start Time (SCET) End Time (SCET) Duration

Available Operations Archive Data

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Item Location File Type File Size File Name
Antenna Elevation Angles PlotLocal.pdf221.74 kB2017_199Elang_Rev284.pdf
CIMS Requests PDFLocalDirectory
TimelineLocal.pdf109.72 kBRev284_Timeline_Table_v2.pdf
RSR Execution LogsLocalDirectory
RSR Power PlotsLocalDirectory
Monopulse DataLocalDirectory
Antenna Angles TableLocal.txt210.08 kB2017199ang.txt
Prep Meeting OTL PresentationLocal.pdf147.94 kBIntro_Rev284Occ_DSNMeet.pdf
Open Loop Receiver AllocLocal.pdf44.17 kBRev284_OpenLoopAssignment.pdf
FigureLocal.pdf254.47 kBRev284_Timeline_Figure_v2.pdf
OTL Ops ReportLocal.pdf30.96 kBRev284_OpsReport.pdf
Monitor Data ReportsLocalDirectory
PDS DataInternetURL