Missions Under development

    Korea Pathfinder Lunar Orbiter is scheduled for launch in August 2022. It will carry a magnetometer, a gamma-ray spectrometer and 3 cameras including the ShadowCam (contributed by NASA/ASU) that will image permanently shadowed regions near the poles. Nine NASA scientists were appointed to join the mission.

    Chandrayaan-3 will consist of a lander and rover to be launched in the third quarter of 2022

    Luna-25 is a lunar lander carrying nine instruments and will land near the lunar south pole at the Boguslavsky crater

    Luna-26 is a lunar orbiter carrying fourteen instruments contributed by Russia and European partners.

    Luna-27 is a lunar lander by the Roscosmos and ESA carrying 15 instruments. It will land in the South Pole–Aitken basin and detect and characterize lunar volatiles.

    Emirates Lunar Mission/Rashid Rover is planned to land in the Lacus Somniorum. It will carry two high-resolution cameras, an ultrahigh resolution camera and a thermal imaging camera as well as a Langmuir probe. It will be launched from August to December 2022.,

    LUPEX – The Lunar Polar Exploration Mission involves bilateral co-operation between ISRO and JAXA and is scheduled for launch in 2024. It will carry 9 instruments covering a broad range of investigations.