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                                                                                                                                            PIA21967: 95 Minutes Over Jupiter


    JunoCam was placed on the Juno spacecraft to provide public access to imaging data and allow individuals to share the experience of space exploration. Observations have revealed the highest spatial resolution ever acquired of Jupiter’s cloud tops and the near polar orbit has provided views of high latitude cloud structure never seen before by cameras mounted on spacecrafts in nearly equatorial orbits. JunoCam’s three-color filters (red, green and blue) provide the basis for production of color images and a methane filter combines with them to allow vertical information of the clouds.

    The public has been an essential part of the JunoCam virtual team: amateur astronomers have supplied ground-based images for use in planning and this site has allowed public participation in target selection and a stage for the amateur image processing community to share their results. JunoCam public access