Searching For Publications Based on Juno Data

    An ongoing approach for tracking publications based on data from the Juno mission is to utilize NASA's Astrophysical Data System (ADS)

    Go to and enter your search parameters (note: you can constrain Author, Time Interval, Title Words, and/or Abstract Words).

    Instrument and team members are listed below. If you are interested in a particular area, a search on these names will allow you to complete a list of their productive co-authors and provide an updated source that you can utilize to develop your individual search routine or bibliography

    Juno Science Team

    Principal Investigator – Scott Bolton
    Project Scientist – S. Levin

    Interdiscipline Scientists:

    F. Bagenal
    C. Hansen
    A. Ingersoll
    T. Owen
    D. Stephenson

    Instruments Teams

    Flux Gate Magnetometer (FGM)
    J. Connerney
    R. Oliversen
    T. Denver
    J. Jorgense

    Gravity Science
    W. Folkner
    D. Buccino
    S. Asmar

    Jovian Auroral Distributions Experiment (JADE)
    P. Valek
    F. Allegrini
    D. McComas
    S. Weidner

    Jupiter Energetic Particle Detector Instrument (JEDI)
    B. Mauk
    C. Paranicas
    D. Haggerty
    D. LaVallee
    G. Clark
    L. Brown

    Jovian Infrared Auroral Mapper (JIRAM)
    A. Adriani
    F. Altieri
    S. K. Atreya.
    A. Cicchetti
    B. Maria Dinelli
    G. Filacchione
    D. Grassi
    A. P. Ingersoll.
    J. I. Lunine.
    A. Migliorini
    M. L. Moriconi
    A. Mura.
    R. Noschese
    G. Orton
    G. Piccioni
    C. Plainaki.
    G. Sindoni.
    R. Sordini
    S. Stefani
    F. Tosi.
    D. Turrini

    M. Ravine
    C. Hansen
    M. Caplinger
    G. Orton

    Microwave Radiometer (MWR)
    S. Levin
    M Janssen
    S Bolton
    J. Connerney
    V. Adumitroaie
    S, Atreya
    A, Belotti
    S, Brown
    S, Gulkis
    A, Hodges
    A, Ingersoll L
    C, Li
    S, Misra
    G, Orton
    F, Oyafuso
    D, Santos-Costa
    E, Sarkissian
    Z Zhang

    Radiation Monitoring
    H. Becker
    V. Adumitroaie

    Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph (UVS)
    G. R. Gladstone
    T. Greathouse

    Radio/Plasma Wave Experiment (Waves)
    W. Kurth
    T. Averkamp
    G. Hospodarsky