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    The Titan UVIS Library provides a detailed summary of the Cassini UVIS observational campaign and direct access to the data. It is a compilation of the Cassini-Ultraviolet Imaging Spectrograph (UVIS) observations of Titan made between 2005 and 2017. The dataset includes the raw and calibrated data in FITS format, along with three associated types of documents: 1) an averaged spectra per observation, 2) a geometry movie per observation and 3) geometry snapshots of each record of an observation sequence per observation. All UVIS observation sequences have been combined per day, meaning that each FITS file contains the entire sequence of observations taken on a particular day.

    The UVIS instrument is described in detail by Esposito et al. (2004) DOI:10.1007/s11214-004-1455-8, and is composed of two-dimensional CODACON detectors that provide simultaneous spectral and one-dimensional spatial images. The EUV channel covers wavelengths from 56.1 nm to 118.2 nm. The FUV channel covers wavelengths from 111.5 nm to 191.2 nm.


    The Titan UVIS Library User Guide provides detailed information for accessing the dataset. Additional documentation is provided separately for EUV and FUV data and grouped by year consisting of geometry (showing the Titan phase and placement of the UVIS silt) and averaged spectra.

    EUV Averaged Spectra & Geometry

    FUV Averaged Spectra & Geometry

    Derived Data are in FITS files and separated by wavelength and year.

    Supporting information concerning the UVIS instrument can be found on the Planetary Data System (PDS) Cassini-UVIS help page. and additional information is available in the Titan EUV/FUV Book.

    Citing the Data

    PDS recommendations for citing data sets can be found here.

    Royer, E. (2023), Cassini UVIS Titan Library Bundle, NASA Planetary Data System, https://doi.org/10.17189/h1zk-0q67.