May 23, 1997

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From Carlos Hernandez Thu May 22 16:18 MDT 1997


The weather down here for Don Parker and myself has not been conducive for neither visual observations nor CCD imaging due to our tropical rain season. I have therefore taken the liberty to process a recent image of Jupiter obtained by Isao Miyazaki (OAA Jupiter Section) on May 20, 1997 (17h26m43s-28m23s (UT), 347.5-348.5(I) 56.4-57.4(II) 43.8-44.8(III), Exp:R60+NR400(2.10s),PO1+NR400(2.80s), B390+NR400(10.00s)) using a 40cm Newtonian and a Lynxx PC CCD camera. The region surrounding the Great Red Spot (GRS) has been cropped and processed to bring out what appears to be the oval in question within the Red Spot Hollow (RSH, or White Spot Hollow (WSH)) north-preceding (Np.) the GRS. The STrZ oval appears to be tinged, possibly a mixing occurring between it and the surrounding jovian atmosphere. I hope that this image proves useful in our studies of this jovian atmospheric phenomena.

The best of luck to the rest of the IJW team and hopefully our weather will improve.

Carlos E. Hernandez (A.L.P.O. Jupiter Section)