June 12, 1997

The IJW Session at the DPS has been scheduled as follows:

Meeting of IJWMonday
July 28
Stratton 306
(Twenty Chimneys)
Reta Beebe

This is parallel to sessions on Asteroids and Mars.

Although some of you may want to attend Asteroid and Mars Sessions this places the session early in the week so that you can continue have discussions and arrange collaborations during the week.

Please send in a statement of a topic you are interested in discussing.

The following people have responded with plans to observe near the time of the Galileo C9 perijove.

Tadashi Asada

I will be able to carry out imaging of Jupiter from 23 June to 26, and time may be about from 17:00 UT to 20:00 UT. The telescope I can use is very small, but I will try as many as possible.

Padma Yanamandra-Fisher

I shall be coordinating mid-ir spectral and imaging observations from Palomar from 20 - 23 June with Spectrocam 10; from UH88 from 19 - 26 June, optical/methane CCD observations and Glenn Orton will be at IRTF from 24-29 June with NSFCAM and Lyon 10 micron camera.

Glenn Orton

June 20 - 22. Palomar Observatory, SpectroCAM-10 middle-ir camera-spectrometer, Padma Yanamndra-Fisher, Eldar Noe Dobrea observing (1/2 nights):

May 8 - ~June 23 once per night--Service Observing, Mt. STromlo / Siding Spring Observatory, CASPIR near-infrared camera: 1.60, 2.15, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.8 microns

June 16-18--Service Observing, U. Hawaii 88-inch, Mauna Kea limited filter set (TBD), by Olivier Hainaut once per night

June 19 - 25--Second half of each night, U. Hawaii 88-inch, Mauna Kea with narrow-band filters at 430, 535, 618, 634, 727, 750, 893 and 945 nm. Brendan Fisher, Terry Martin, (first few nights), Padma Yanamandra-Fisher (last few nights)

June 24-26, 28-30; approximately 20 wavelengths between 1.58 and 17 microns. Mostly second half of each nightNASA Infrared Telescope Facility, Mauna Kea NSFCAM (near-infrared facility camera), and C10MU (Lyon group's mid-ir camera) Glenn Orton, Bob Carlson, Jean-Pierre Dubois, Francois Sibille, and Philippe Merlin.