June 13, 1997

It has been pointed out to me that it is highly desirable to have the IJW Meeting after the Jupiter Session so that new ideas can be discussed and future plans will encompass the current information. Accordingly, I asked for other possible timeslots. The following is Leslie Young's response.

The Thursday session is in conflict with extra-solar planets/solar-system formation. If the Friday session is acceptable to you, I will request it to avoid the above conflict.


Hello Reta,

The final Jupiter (and the final giant-planet) session is Wednesday afternoon. There is a slot Friday afternoon.

Meeting of IJWFriday
August 1
Stratton 306
(Twenty Chimneys)
Reta Beebe

This conflicts with sessions on Venus, Meteorites, and Hale-Bopp/Hyakutake, so I expect that, as far as conflicts with relevant sessions go, that's your best bet. This time slot is followed by the final session of the meeting, on Hale-Bopp/Hyakutake.

If you'd rather NOT have a workshop on Friday afternoon, there's also a slot available Thursday afternoon, 13:30-15:30. This is opposite comets, and extra-solar planets/solar-system formation.

Let me know what day you prefer.

- Leslie