September 17, 1997

ALL Galileo SSI IMAGES from the first (G1) orbit are AVAILABLE

ALL IMAGES obtained by the Galileo Solid State Imaging (SSI) system during the spacecraft's first orbit (G1) of Jupiter are now available as merged and validated files. Details are posted on the SSI web page.

Images and data obtained by NASA/JPL's Galileo mission have been available on an ongoing basis during the spacecraft's journey through the Jovian system in order to share with the public the excitement of exploration and new discoveries being made via the NASA/JPL Galileo spacecraft. Galileo scientists have a one year period set aside for the process of calibrating and validating the data. The full digital images necessary for scientific analysis are released within one year of receipt of an orbit's last data.

ALL SSI IMAGES from the first orbit (G1) are merged, validated, and available via the Planetary Data System (PDS) Imaging Node. Supporting data such as calibration files will be available as well.

Some of the BEST of the IMAGE PRODUCTS from the ongoing public releases are now available in multiple formats on the Planetary Photo Journal web pages.

The SSI web page offers links to the appropriate PDS and Photo Journal pages as well as to all previously released SSI data sets from the Galileo Cruise Phase (10/89 - 12/95) of the mission. Future data sets will be released by the following dates.

Nominal Mission (6/96 - 12/97) Release Schedule
for validated SSI orbital data sets
E11 & GEMschedules will be posted when available

NASA/JPL's Galileo Project gratefully acknowledges the collaborative efforts of NASA's Planetary PhotoJournal and the Planetary Data System in making Galileo mission images and data available to the public and scientific communities.

-Elizabeth Alvarez del Castillo
for the Galileo SSI team
(520) 318-8385

The C10 sequence began executing on Sunday, 14 September 1997. The first SSI image will be shuttered on 16 September 1997 (Callisto closest approach) and the final image in encounter will be obtained on 19 September 1997. Occultation observations will be made on the 5th and 6th of October 1997. Data playback will commence on 21 September, pause for recording of the cruise observations, resume on 6 October and complete on ~30 October 1997. The current schedule for playback of SSI data is:

Pass 1
10GSGLOBAL01 23 September 1997
10ISIOTOPO01 24 September 1997
10SSTHEBE01 2 October 1997
10ESGLOBAL01 4 October 1997
10ISIOGLOC03/04 4 October 1997
10ISIOGLOC06 6 October 1997
10ISIOECLI02 6 October 1997
10JSFLXTUB01 6 October 1997
Pass 2
10CSASGARD01 9-11 October 1997
10CSSMTHPL01 13 October 1997
10CSSMTHPL02 15 October 1997
10CSTINDR_01 15 October 1997
10CSRNGSTR01 15 October 1997
10JSNPHAZE01/02/03 18 October 1997
10ISIOECLI01 18 October 1997
10ISIOGLOC01 18 October 1997
10ASAMALTH01 19 October 1997
Occultation observations 20-22 October 1997
Pass 3
10ISIOGLOC03 23 October 1997
10ISIOGLOC06 23 October 1997
10ISIOECLI02 23 October 1997
10JSFLXTUB01 23 October 1997
Pass 4
10CSASGARD01 25-26 October 1997
10CSSMTHPL02 27 October 1997
10CSRNGSTR01 27 October 1997
10JSNPHAZE01/02/03 28 October 1997
10ISIOGLOC01 28 October 1997
10ASAMALTH01 28 October 1997
Occultation observations 28-29 October 1997

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