September 4, 1998

Recent Communications:

From Sun Aug 16 18:06 MDT 1998

Date(U.T.)SII degreesObserver
6/7/9863John W. McAnally
7/13/9862Harry Pulley
8/4/9865Samuel R. Whitby
8/6/9866Cecil Post

following end of the SEB disturbance.
Date(U.T.)SII degreesObserver
7/5/98f 303Harry Pulley
7/10/98f 307Harry Pulley

John W. McAnally
ALPO Jupiter Section
Acting Assistant Coordinator
Transit Timings

From Fri Aug 21 11:23 MDT 1998

dark spot on the STB. The drift rate is 14.1 degrees/30 days in system(II). This places the drift of the spot reasonably close to the drift rate of the South Temperate Current.

6-20198H. Pulley
6-25196J. Sabia
7-02200H. Pulley
7-14198J. Tomney
7-19188T. Dobbins
8-03182D. Parker*
8-08180T. Richards
8-09183A. Nikolai
9-15177S. Whitby
8-19174M. Wasiuta

It is of interest to note that the early transit timings of the spot place it fairly stationary. If the drift rate was figured from July 2 as the starting point it would be considerably faster, 17.3 degrees/30 days.

* scaled from image

Best regards,
David J. Lehman
Acting Coordinator
A.L.P.O. Jupiter Section

From Tue Sep 1 22:15 MDT 1998

1998Aug29GRSc64 degreesJohn W. Mcanally
1998Aug20GRSc64 degreesWalter Haas
1998Aug18GRSc63 degreesWalter Haas
1998Aug16GRSc66 degreesWalter Haas
1998Aug11GRSc63 degreesWalter Haas
1998Aug06GRSc65 degreesWalter Haas
1998Aug04GRSc65 degreesSam Whitby
1998July25GRSc64 degreesClaus Benninghoven
1998June07GRSc62 degreesClaus Benninghoven
1998May09GRSc61 degreesClaus Benninghoven

The ALPO Jupiter Section
Acting Assistant Coordinator
Transit timings

From Wed Sep 2 22:05 MDT 1998

The STB dark spot:

We have received a great number of reliable transit timings of the dark spot on the STB now located at approximate longitude 168 degrees SII, as of 1998Aug29 U.T.

We are now officially designating this feature as: STB Dark Spot No. 1

Other STB dark spots are now being recorded as well. Keep up the good work!

John W. McAnally
The ALPO Jupiter Section
Acting Assistant Coordinator
Transit Timings