November 13, 1998

Jupiter images/info from Paolo Tanga, Don Parker and John McAnally.

From: Paolo Tanga (

I coordinate amateur observations of planets in Italy, and beside this I will try to produce with a certain continuity Jupiter images in the next future. At the moment, there are a few images taken on October 14th, both in I-band and in the 890 nm absorption band. The images and details on the instrument used can be found here.

The methane band images clearly show a bright oval spot at the NNTZ latitude and a SSTB spot.

Image 1
Image 2

Some technical data:
instrument diameter: 42 cm
focal lenght: 7 m
image sampling: 0.26 arcsec/pixel
CCD: Kodak KAF 1600
Each image is the sum of 3 to 6 frames with unsharp masking.

All other relevant datas are in the images themselves.

Paolo Tanga
Osservatorio Astronomico di Torino
Strada dell'Osservatorio 20 Tel: +39-011-8101935
10025 Pino Torinese - Torino - Italy Fax: +39-011-8101930

From: Don Parker (

Hi All,
Here are more Jupiter images... Looks like the NTB is recovering quickly -- looks like the GRS has sprung a leak!

JUPITER IMAGES 12 Nov., 1998

D.C. Parker, Coral Gables, FL. Lynxx PC camera 16-in (41cm) Meade SCT
Eyepiece Projection @ f/22.4
Integration Times:
Blue (Schott BG12 + IR Rejection) 2.85s
Green (VG9 + IR Rejection) 1.48s
Red (RG610 + IR Rejection) 1.30s
Images flat and dark corrected.
Seeing good (7-8), Transparency good (4.5m); Wind ENE 3-10 kts.

From: John McAnally (

CCD images obtained by Donald Parker on November 12, 1998 U.T. reveal a very large, white oval in the NTB, near the preceding end of a darker section of the belt. This oval was located at S2 longitude 101.8 degrees as scaled from image. The oval measures 8 degrees in length and is wider than the belt itself; the oval appears as large as some of the SSTB ovals.

This same image reveals another bright oval in the NNTeZ at S2 longitude 123.6 degrees. This second oval appears to be approximately 6 degrees in length.

Observers are encouraged to attempt transit timings of these features.

John W. McAnally
The ALPO Jupiter Section
Acting Assistant Coordinator
Transit Timings