December 4, 1998

Jupiter images/info from John McAnally, Don Parker and Tom Richards.


Correction to the alert for 11-12-98: The alert should have stated that the Bright Oval at 101.8 degrees S2 in Donald Parker's image of 11-12-98 was located in the NNTB. Not the NTB.



As announced on November 12, 1998, rather large, white ovals, one in the NNTB and another one in the NNTeZ, had been identified on a CCD image taken by Donald Parker on that same date.

Now, these ovals have been identified on additional CCD images by Don, some pre-discovery, as early as September 29, 1998. Of interest, these ovals are definitely not seen on CCD images of high resolution in August or July '98.

As of November 21, 1998 the oval in the NNTB (which we are now designating as NNTB Oval #1) was located at 97.5 degrees S2, as scaled from CCD image. This oval appears to have a drift rate of 14.38 degrees /30 days, in decreasing longitude.

As of November 21, 1998, the oval in the NNTeZ ( which we are now designating as NNTeZ Oval #1) was located at 119.5 degrees S2, as scaled from CCD image. This oval appears to have a drift rate of 10.92 degrees/30 days, in decreasing longitude.

Observers are encouraged to continue monitoring these ovals to note any change in physical appearance and to assist in determining more accurate drift rates.

John W. McAnally
The ALPO Jupiter Section
Acting Assistant Coordinator
Transit Timings

Oval BE
Date U.T.S2observer
1998Jul02Wc262.9 degreesAndre' Nikolai
1998Aug04Wc259.7 degreesAndre' Nikolai
1998Sep04Wc248.5 degreesAndre' Nikolai
1998Aug03Wc254 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Oct17Wp225.1 degreesZac Pujic
1998Oct17Wf233.6 degreesZac Pujic
1998Oct18Wc229.2 degreesZac Pujic

Oval FA
Date U.T.S2observer
1998Jul31Wc300.1 degreesAndre' Nikolai
1998Aug05Wc299.8 degreesAndre' Nikolai
1998Aug09Wc297.9 degreesAndre' Nikolai
1998Aug16Wc293.8 degreesAndre' Nikolai
1998Aug19Wc293.4 degreesAndre' Nikolai
1998Aug31Wc288.8 degreesAndre' Nikolai
1998Sep05Wc286.4 degreesAndre' Nikolai
1998Oct15Wc264.6 degreesZac Pujic
1998Oct17Wc264.4 degreesZac Pujic
1998Oct17Wp260 degreesWalter Haas
1998Oct17Wf269 degreesWalter Haas
1998Oct18Wc264.2 degreesZac Pujic
1998Oct25Wc258.71degreesJohn Sabia

STB Dark Spot No. 1
Date U.T.S2observer
1998Aug03Dc182.7 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Oct11Dc141 degreesClaus Benninghoven
1998Oct12Dc150 degreesZac Pujic
1998Oct17Dc146.6 degreesZac Pujic
1998Oct18Dc144 degreesClaus Benninghoven
1998Oct19Dc148 degreesWalter Haas
1998Oct24Dc142 degreesClaus Benninghoven
1998Oct26Dc144 degreesWalter Haas
1998Oct31Dc137.5 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Nov12Dc133.6 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Nov19Dc124 degreesJohn W. McAnally
1998Nov24Dc128 degreesWalter Haas
1998Nov26Dc128 degreesJohn W. McAnally

STB Dark Feature No. 2
Date U.T.S2observer
1998Aug03Dc220.2 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Sep06Dc199.25 degreesEric Jamison
1998Oct17Dp174.4 degreesZac Pujic
1998Oct17Df181.6 degreesZac Pujic
1998Oct24Dp168.8 degreesZac Pujic
1998Oct24Dc172.4 degreesZac Pujic
1998Oct24Df176.7 degreesZac Pujic
1998Oct31Dc171.1 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Nov11Dp156 degreesWalter Haas
1998Nov11Df163 degreesWalter Haas
1998Nov19Dp161 degreesWalter Haas
1998Nov19Df168 degreesWalter Haas
1998Nov22Dp153 degreesWalter Haas
1998Nov22Df163 degreesWalter Haas

STB Dark Spot #3
1998Nov19Dc80 degreesJohn W. McAnally

Date U.T.S2observer
1998Sep20GRSc62 degreesEric Jamison
1998Oct11GRSc66 degreesClaus Benninghoven
1998Oct18GRSc66 degreesClaus Benninghoven
1998Oct25GRSc69 degreesWalter Haas
1998Nov12GRSc64.8 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Nov19RSHp54 degreesJohn W. McAnally
1998Nov19GRSc65 degreesJohn W. McAnally
1998Nov19RSHf71 degreesJohn W. McAnally

SEB Disturbance
Date U.T.S2observer
1998Aug03Wp147.7 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Oct31Wp110.5 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Nov12Wp120.1 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Nov19Wp129 degreesJohn W. McAnally
1998Nov26Wp134 degreesJohn W. McAnally

NNTB White Oval #1
Date U.T.S2observer
1998Sep29Wc123.4 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Oct02Wc122.7 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Oct31Wc110.5 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Nov12Wc101.8 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Nov19Wc98 degreesFrank Melillo *
1998Nov21Wc97.5 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Nov26Wc104 degreesJohn W. McAnally **

NNTeZ White Oval #1
Date U.T.S2observer
1998Oct02Wc137.7 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Oct31Wc128.5 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Nov12Wc123.6 degreesDonald Parker *
1998Nov21Wc119.5 degreesDonald Parker *

* scaled from image
** difficult

John W. McAnally
ALPO Jupiter Section
Acting Assistant Coordinator
Transit Timings


JUPITER IMAGES 22 Nov., 1998
still more

D.C. Parker, Coral Gables, FL. Lynxx PC camera 16-in (41cm) Meade SCT
Eyepiece Projection @ f/22.4
Integration Times:
Blue (Schott BG12 + IR Rejection) 2.88s
Green (VG9 + IR Rejection) 1.50s
Red (RG610 + IR Rejection) 1.30s
Images flat and dark corrected.
Seeing fair (6-7), deteriorated later. Transparency variable (3.5-4.5m)
with occasional high clouds; Wind ENE 3-10 kts.

JUPITER IMAGES 23 Nov., 1998
still more
still more

D.C. Parker, Coral Gables, FL. Lynxx PC camera 16-in (41cm) Meade SCT
Eyepiece Projection @ f/22.4
Integration Times:
Blue (Schott BG12 + IR Rejection) 3.00s
Green (VG9 + IR Rejection) 1.55s
Red (RG610 + IR Rejection) 1.35s
Images flat and dark corrected.
Seeing GOOD (7-8). Transparency variable (0-4.5m) with frequent high
clouds; Wind ENE 4-16 kts. No dew.

From: Tom Richards (

Cloud and turbulence have not been kind in recent weeks; however a couple of mediocre images of mine may be of some interest. They show a large white oval in the NNTZ at about L2=3D250deg. In the image of Nov 06 it is well p the CM but quite definite. In the later image of Nov 08 it is barely p the CM, with dark markings in its vicinity to the north. The Nov 6 image is confirmed by a fine image (north up) from Bratislav Curcic and Stefan Buda, also of the Astronomical Society of Victoria. All images also show the STB white oval FA.

There is an indication of the NNTZ white spot on an image by Don Parker of Oct 30d 01h 42m UT (CM II=3D323deg) - well p the CM. See IJW Newsletter of Nov 9. It is absent on earlier images of his of Aug 25 and Sep 4, which present that longitude - see IJW Newsletter of Sep 24. No other IJW Newsletter images since August show this longitude.

J98-11-06A-TR.JPG and J98-11-08TR.JPG. 18cm Astro-Physics refractor, SBIG ST7 CCD camera. Image scale 0.35 arcsec/pixel. Seeing about 7/10 (ALPO). CCD temp -10 and -16degC resp. Woodridge Observatory, Eltham, Victoria, Australia. Tom Richards. Other details written on the images. J98-11-06BC.JPG. "Jupiter is a combination of 8 images, centered on 10:10 UT on 6th of November (292deg SI, 241deg SII). This is definitely the highest resolution on Jupiter we have ever achieved. Detail in polar regions is simply amazing....In both cases Stefan's 10" Dall Kirkham at f/50 was used." Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

I have another 48 disk sketches and many transit timings from ASV members (mainly Don Ward) since I last sent you our database for the apparition. I have not yet processed these. I'll catch up as soon as I can - summaries of them are coming your way. Christmas may arrive first.

Tom Richards