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Data Set ID:
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Product ID:
Identifier assigned to a data product
Target Name:
Name of the target being observed
Release ID:
Identifier for a data set release
  Minimum Maximum Range
provides a unique identifier for a data volume.
CORS_0237 to CORS_0237
defines the UTC system format time when a product was created.
2008-183T20:30:00 to 2009-140T22:02:31
Start Time/Stop Time:
Represent the beginning and end of the same observation event.
Format: YYYY - MM - DD
Start Time:2007-110T01:00:00.0 to 2009-202T01:00:00.0
Stop Time:2008-071T23:59:00.0 to 2010-117T10:58:16.4
Release Date:
Dates between which a product was released to the user community.
Format: YYYY - MM - DD
Release Date:2005-07-01 to null