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Data set abstract The Cassini Radio Science Solar Corona Characterization experiment (SCC12) Raw Data Archive is a time-ordered collection of radio science raw data acquired from November 4 until December 1, 2014, during the Cassini Extended Mission. The DATA_SET_ID 'CO-SS-RSS-1-SCC12-V1.0' includes the following components: Instrument host (i.e., 'CO' for CASSINI ORBITER) Target (i.e., 'SS' for Solar System) Instrument (i.e., 'RSS' for Radio Science Subsystem) Data processing level number (i.e., '1') Description (i.e., 'SCC12') Version number (i.e., 'V1.0') Two types of measurements were obtained; these are known as closed-loop and open-loop recordings. The closed-loop system uses a phase-lock loop in the receiver to track the downlink signal, reporting both amplitude and frequency 10 times per second. In the open-loop system, the signal is simply converted to a baseband frequency range; the entire passband is sampled and recorded at 1000 samples per second. The data set includes three primary data types. Tracking and Navigation Service Data Files (TNFs) are the most primitive (and most voluminous) product of the closed-loop system. Orbit Data Files (ODFs) are compressed versions of TNFs, specifically targeted to spacecraft navigators and scientists interested in gravity fields. Radio Science Receiver (RSR) files are the primary data type from the open-loop system.
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Mission Information CASSINI-HUYGENS
Dataset Information CO-SS-RSS-1-SCC12-V1.0
Instrument Host Information CO
Instrument Information RSS
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