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The center is being restructured -- A management diagram will be included later.

Interactive Archive
for Space Science

Astrophysics, Cosmology, Astro-partcle, (Cosmic Rays)
(and more...)

ASDC, located in Rome, is an ASI structure in which data archives related to many astrophysical and planetary missions are maintained. The archives are available on-line and it is possible to search them using the research system developed by researchers and technicians involved in the ASDC project.
  • Data distribution via its Multi-Mission Archive
  • Web based interactive analysis and data fusion
  • Data reduction
  • Participation to Virtual Observatory
  • Science and Data Center research
  • 23 space missions supported
  • 13 operational in 2016
  • several possible new projects (e.g. Chang-E1/2, EUCLID, CHEOPS, PLATO, DAMPE?, New NASA MIDEX?, HXMT, MIRAX, New ESA-M4 mission?)
ASI is funding and supporting italian PIs working on experiments on many ESA and NASA missions (Cassini, Rosetta, Dawn, BepiColombo, Mars Express, ExoMars…). ASI is funding the archiving of data.

PDS standard has been adopted and used by ASI and the italian planetary community. Many datasets have already been delivered for archiving at PSA and at ASDC.