MAG User Guide
Magnetometer (MAG) data sets are archived by the PDS Planetary Plasma Interactions (PPI) Node at the University of California, Los Angeles.

User's Guide - on line

Raw Data Products
Raw Data (EDRs) Online Access
Raw Data (RDRs) Online Access

Higher Order Products
MAG - Magnetometer calibrated data
spanning the period from 1999-08-16(DOY 228) to 2010-12-31(DOY 365)
           Full resolution, 1 second averages, 1 minute averages

- Under Development -
1) a set of plots of where the s/c is relative to the planet and the moons in coordinate systems and scales.
2) set of plots where the magnetic field line through the s/c intersects the upper atmosphere of Saturn using field models.

Other Useful Products for Interpreting the Data

See the Master Schedule for a time ordered listing of observations by all instruments.

SPICE - Archived Cassini SPICE ancillary data providing observation geometry (positions, orientations, instrument pointing, time conversions and the like) are available from the PDS NAIF Node.

Publications - A listing of team members to facilitate literature searches.