(July 20, 1976 - Nov 13, 1982) [2245 sols]

Viking Lander 1

Lander Atmospheric Entry Profile (Density, pressure, temperature versus altitude) [NOY YET IN PDS!!]
Hourly-averaged Surface meteorology data (pressure, temperature, wind speed and direction), sols 1-350
Individual point-by-point measurements of surface pressure, sols 1-2245 (VL1) and 1-1050 (VL2)
Sol-averaged surface pressure measurements, and daily statistics (max, min, mean, data gap duration, etc.), sols 1-2245 (VL1) and 1-1050 (VL2)
Atmospheric opacity derived from Viking camera imaging of the solar disk, sols 6-920
Individual Lander footpad measured temperature data set, sols 1008-2245
Sol-averaged Lander footpad temperature measurements, and daily statistics, sols 1008-2245