Title - Cross Section IR Spectroscopy of Hydrocarbons in Planetary Atmospheres

    Absorption cross sections of cold propane (C3H8), pure and broadened with H2 or He, were recorded at two sites, the Canadian Light Source (CLS) facility using either the synchrotron or internal glow-bar source depending on the required resolution and an Enclosive Flow Cooling (EFC) cell located at the Australian Synchrotron Far-IR/THz beamline. Measurements were made in the far-IR region (650-1300cm−1) for a range of pressures up to 100 Torr and temperatures from 150 to 292K. Infrared absorption cross-sections were derived from the spectra and can be used to interpret astronomical observations of giant planets such as Jupiter and Saturn as well as exo-planets.

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    Data Derived
    The data are organized in 3 collections of CSV files with detached XML labels (hydrogen and helium broaden propane cross section collections and a separate collection containing unbroadened propane cross sections.
    Retrieving data at the file level - Individual files can be retrieved by referring to following indices and directly extracting files by name or by submitting a list of URN values

    Helium Broadened C3H8 (CSV)

    Hydrogen Broadened C3H8 (CSV)

    Unbroadened C3H8 (CSV)

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    P.F. Bernath, (2021), Cross Section IR Spectroscopy of Hydrocarbons in Planetary Atmospheres, NASA Planetary Data System, https://doi.org/DOI: 10.17189/1518949.