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International Outer Planet Watch

The International Outer Planet Watch is an informal organization of astronomers and planetary scientists who are interested in observations of the Jovian system. For this purpose, the International Outer Watch has a Steering Committee and six discipline groups.

The purpose of the Atmosphere Discipline web page is to coordinate and encourage observations of the atmosphere of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and their satellites, from the Earth and from space, with an emphasis on time-variable phenomena.

Earlier data is available through the sidebars on this site. Current data is maintained at http://www.ehu.es/iopw/, a site operated by:

Discipline Leader:
Agustin Sanchez-Lavega

Dept. Fisica Aplicada I
Universidad del Pais Vasco
Alameda Urquijo s/n
48013 BILBAO (Spain)

Tel: (34) 946 014 255
Fax: (34) 946 014 178
e-mail: wupsalaa@bi.ehu.es
         Web Site Manager:
Jose F. Rojas

Dept. Fisica Aplicada I
Universidad del Pais Vasco
Plaza La Casilla 3
48012 BILBAO (Spain)

Tel: (34) 946 014 331
Fax: (34) 946 014 333
E-mail: wupropaj@lg.ehu.es

Send your images by mail to the IOPW(iopw@nmsu.edu) .

Our logo is a Hubble Space Telescope image from October 1995.