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 Jupiter images

Last Update:  2004/November/02

       IOPW-Jupiter Is Moving!

After four years of posting your awesome images, I have accepted a position to design and build instruments for the new Magdalena Ridge Observatory 2.4 m. This will be my last update of the IOPW-Jupiter website. I have greatly enjoyed seeing all your images and enthusiasm. Thank you all.

The new website for all of the International Outer Planets Watch, Atmospheres is http://www.ehu.es/iopw/.
Please send your images to Jose F. Rojas at Xiopw@lg.ehu.esX, remove X's.

Mark B. Vincent



2004/Apr/08 10:31 UT, III: 194-202.

2004/Apr/08 07:02 UT, III: 68-77 EZn hot spot near CM.

2004/Apr/07 10:32 UT, III: 44-53 EZn hot spot. Log-scale 4.68 micron image.

2004/Apr/07 09:16 UT, III: 358-7 GRS, EZn hot spot on approaching limb.

2004/Apr/07 08:01 UT, III: 313-324 GRS on approaching limb.

2004/Apr/06 10:20 UT, III: 246-258.

2004/Apr/06 08:26 UT, III: 177-189.

2004/Feb/09 15:29 & 12:22 UT 2004/Feb/09 15:27 & 12:24 UT

2004/Feb/08 15:18 UT

To view more IRTF images, please click on this directory. Note images are in TIFF format.
Glenn Orton and Padma Yanamandra-Fisher (JPL) have imaged Jupiter using IRTF for many years. Here is a picture of them at IRTF under non-photometric conditions.

For additional Jupiter updates, please see the following websites: ALPO, ALPO-Japan, Arkansas Sky Observatory British Astronomical Society Jupiter Section

2004/Mar/16,17,18 https://youtu.be/i4YowfTo4hA Awesome movie from Fattinnanzi Cristian!. Caption

If you would like to see some images of Hawaii, Mt. Evans, South Pole and others taken by Mark Vincent, please see https://pds-atmospheres.nmsu.edu/pub/mvincent/.
Images from the 2003 May trip. Including a view from the top of IRTF's dome!

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