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Individual sites

We have opened our "Individual sites" page for any Jovian system observer to include his or her link here.

If you would like for us to include here a link to your web site send your name, a two lines description of it, and the web address to Mark Vincent at ijw@nmsu.edu

Thank you

Sorry about taking so long to work on this website.

Antonio Cidadão Lunar and Planetary Observations and CCD Imaging. Oeiras, Portugal. Many images and frequently updated.

Thomas Williamson Video Astronomy. The images on this page were obtained using an 8" Newtonian telescope and an $80 video camera! Rio Rancho, New Mexico, USA. Many images and frequently updated.

Brian Colville Maple Ridge Observatory - Cambray, Ontario Canada. Many images and frequently updated.

Damian Peach ALPO/BAA Jupiter Sections. BAA Saturn Section

Frederico Luiz Funari The Planet Jupiter Home-Page of REA/BRasil (Amateur Group of Brasilians Observers of Astronomy, since 1988). Note: Not in English

Tan Wei Leong I'm an amateur star-gazer located in Singapore.

Thierry Legault High Resolution CCD Imaging.

Hans-Jörg Mettig JUPOS - Database for Object Positions on Jupiter.

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