About ACP Data

1. Organization

  • The ACP archive consists of a single volume data set.

  • The archive volume consists of the data produced during the descent through Titan's atmosphere from the ACP (Engineering Data) and the GCMS instrument (Science Data), which analyzes the gaseous products from the ACP.

2. Directory and File Naming

The ACP archive data volume contains the following directories:

    CATALOG - The catalog directory contains general information about the data set, including information about the instrument, personnel involved, and references.
  • DATA - The data directory contains the ACP engineering data in four data files: oven group parameters, pump group parameters, temperatures group parameters, and voltages group parameters. It also contains the calibrated data of the ACP data products analyzed by the GCMS. The same dataset is archived in the GCMS volume.

  • DOCUMENT - The documentation directory contains important ACP documents and the instrument health report. See below for more details.

  • INDEX - The index directory contains the archive index for the entire data volume.

There is no software provided with the ACP dataset. The data are in ASCII table format and are readable by a variety of plotting software packages.

The ACP engineering data files follow the naming conventions:

ACP_descriptor_V1_0.TAB, where descriptor can take the values: OVEN, PUMP, TEMP, VOLT.

The GCMS files follow the GCMS file naming conventions (see the GCMS data set for more details).

3. Documentation

  • Users are strongly encouraged to review the ACP AAREADME.TXT file. This file appears in the root directory of the ACP volume.

  • Further details of the ACP archive volume can be found in the "Experimenter to Archive Interface Control Document" (EACID) Document, which is found in the DOCUMENT directory on the data volume.

  • A detailed description of the data processing that occurred prior to submission to the archive can be found in the ACP Software User Manual, which is also in the DOCUMENT directory on the data volume.

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