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Artist's rendition of Cassini orbiting Saturn
This still is from a short computer-animated film that highlights Cassini's accomplishments at Saturn and reveals the science-packed final orbits.
This website is the PDS home page for the Cassini mission to Saturn. It has information to help understand the spacecraft and mission, the instrument payload, details about how to find, calibrate, and analyze data from each instrument, and resources to help find more information about the core science areas that have been studied in the Saturn system. For detailed information regarding the Huygens probe, visit the European Space Agency's website.


The team made a major effort to summarize the mission. Volume 1 contains the science component: Mission Overview, Science Objectives and Results while technical information is contained in additional volumes archived at the Jet Propulsion Lab.

Mission Science Highlights and Science Objectives Assessment provides a brief overview of the mission

Look for data in a variety of ways:



Optical Remote Sensing instruments

Radio Instruments

Fields and Particles instruments

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