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The Planetary Atmospheres Node (ATM) of the Planetary Data System (PDS) is responsible for the acquisition, preservation, and distribution of all non-imaging atmospheric data from all planetary missions (excluding Earth observations), supporting ground-based observations, and planetary analog laboratory and field measurements. The primary goal of the node is to make available to the research community the highest quality data possible. To this end, data are reviewed and re-formatted where necessary in order to meet the documentation and quality standards established by the PDS. The ATM is committed to assisting individuals in archiving, searching, and using planetary atmospheric data.

As an additional service, the Atmospheres Node provides information on relevant planetary atmospheres topics for educational purposes. (See Education above).

Seeking Assistance and Interacting with the Atmospheres Node in Preparing Proposals and Data Sets


The Atmospheres Node has a variety of data in its archive. PDS must still validate any data before they can be certified and are available for use in NASA planetary data analysis programs. PDS may choose to put data online while they are being validated. PDS urges caution when using any data that have been released to PDS for less than three months.

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Resources for accessing MESSENGER MASCS data

Messenger MASCS Page

The data directories have undergone a restructuring as of the Mercury orbital deliveries. They are organized by mission phase.

Integrated Mercury Archive Page



The Atmospheres Node provides access to a variety of Venus atmospheric datasets. This includes recent Venus Express (VEX) data that resides in the European Space Agency/ Planetary Science Archive (ESA/PSA) tnd Akatsuki data in the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Archive (JAXA).

Integrated Venus Archive Page

Venus Archive Page



Lunar Archive Page

The Atmospheres Node has exosphere data for the Moon from the recent Lunar Atmosphere & Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) mission.



Integrated Mars Archive Page

For those familiar with the previous archive page, it is available at the Former Mars Archive Page

Former Mars Archive Page

For latest certified data releases see the following:

InSight 1st through 8th release available and certified
MAVEN – 1st through 25th data releases available and certified
Curiosity – 26th data release
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) – 56th data release



Juno Archive Page

Integrated Jupiter Archive Page

Jupiter Satellites Archive Page

Former Jupiter Archive Page



After completion of the Cassini mission the team made a concerted effort to collect and make available to the PDS user planning materials, references and useful summaries. Help pages were designed by the Cassini team and collaboratively populated by PDS.

This preliminary version is now ready for user input to optimize its use, Please contact Reta Beebe (rbeebe "at" nmsu "dot" edu) with feedback (addition, corrections, deletions, etc.) regarding the new pages.

Cassini Archive Page

An explanation of Cassini C-Kernels

Integrated Saturn Archive Page

Saturn Satellites Archive Page

Former Cassini Help pages



Integrated Titan Page

Huygens Archive Page

Cassini Titan Data



Integrated Uranus Archive Page

Uranus Satellites Archive Page



Integrated Neptune Archive Page

Neptune Satellites Archive Page



Integrated Pluto Archive Page

Pluto Satellites Archive Page



Wind Tunnel Particle Threshold Speed (Laboratory Analog Data)

Cross Sections: Ion and Atom Collisions with Neutrals