About DWE Data

1. Organization

  • The DWE archive consists of a single volume data set.

  • The archive volume consists of the sky frequencies measured at the Green Bank and Parkes radio telescopes, the retrieved zonal wind speed along the descent path, geometrical parameters used to separate the Huygens velocity components, and documentation.

2. Directory and File Naming

The DWE archive data volume contains the following directories:

    CALIB - The calibration directory contains a report that provides information on the DWE performance during pre-launch and in-flight tests and describes the final calibration of the frequency measurement.
  • CATALOG - The catalog directory contains general information about the data set, including information about the instrument, personnel involved, and references.

  • DATA - The data directory contains the measured sky frequencies after signal processing in two files, one for Green Bank and one for Parkes. It also contains the retrieved zonal wind speed, the primary DWE result.

  • DOCUMENT - The documentation directory contains important DWE documents and the instrument health report. See below for more details.

  • GEOMETRY - The geometry directory contains information about the state vectors of Huygens and the receiving antennae, and the resulting projection angles for the various velocity components.

  • INDEX - The index directory contains the archive index for the entire data volume.

There is no software provided with the DWE dataset. The data are in ASCII table format and are readable by a variety of plotting software packages.

3. Documentation

  • Users are strongly encouraged to review the DWE AAREADME.TXT file. This file appears in the root directory of the DWE volume.

  • Further details of the DWE archive volume can be found in the "Experimenter to Archive Interface Control Document" (EACID) Document, which is found in the DOCUMENT directory on the data volume.

  • A detailed description of the instrument can be found in the DWE User Manual, which is also in the DOCUMENT directory on the data volume.

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