Opportunity ("MER1")
                                                January 25, 2004 - present [2208 sols]

    Opportunity pic
    More than 10 years after landing in Eagle Crater, on July 27 (Sol 3735), Opportunity completed a 25.01 mile (40.25 kilometers) drive, setting a record. Plans for 2014-5 are to continue on to Marathon Valley located on the rim of the Endeavor Crater, completing a marathon distance of 26.2 miles. Orbiting craft have produced data that indicate that extensive phyllosilicate deposits are exposed in this region. Phyllosilicates are crucial to understanding the past habitability of Mars. They form in a near-neutral pH environment where conditions are more suitable to the origin than the acidic conditions indicated by much of the martian geologic record.

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    The atmospheric data complement from the mission includes

    Rover Atmospheric Entry Profile (Density, pressure, temperature versus altitude)

    Pancam-derived 440 nm and 880 nm Atmospheric opacity

    Mini-TES near-surface atmosphere temperature profiles ( note; No derived product is available. The reduced data are available in the PDS Geosciences node)

    Dust devils

    Opportunity pic
    The gold line on this map shows Opportunity's route from the landing site inside Eagle Crater (upper left) to its location after the July 27 (Sol 3735) drive.
    Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS/NMMNHS