Oct 31, 2001 (Ls 262.7 MY 25) to Jan 11, 2002 (Ls 306.9 MY 25)

    Aerobraking Data
    Aerobraking Data

    Examples of the ODY Aerobraking Profile (left figure) and Altitude (right figure) data of atmospheric density and scale height derived from measured spacecraft deceleration during an aerobraking drag pass. Data from the spacecraft accelerometers were used to derive the spacecraft deceleration during each pass.

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    Description of the DATA

    For each drag pass (spanning orbits 10 - 336 of the mission) there is an individual ASCII Profile file containing derived density values at 1-second intervals for a time period spanning several hundred seconds centered upon the periapse time. There is also a separate ASCII Altitude file which provides derived density and scale height values at specified altitudes (100 km, 110 km, etc.) for both the inbound and outbound portions of the orbit/drag pass as well as at the periapsis altitude, and 1.26 nanobar pressure level during both the inbound and outbound portions of the orbit/drag pass.

    The data contained within the Ody aerobraking pds archive odya_0001 are provided in either the Altitude or Profile folders within the data folder. Within both the Profile and Altitude folders a user will find subfolders containing ~100 drag passes of data, with each drag pass consisting of a single ASCII file. For instance, the data presented in the left figure above are from the L2P120.TAB file located within the P100_199 folder within the Profile folder, while the data presented in the right-side figure above are located in the L3P120.TAB file located in the P100_199 folder located within the Altitude folder. Raw ODY accelerometer data are also available within their own folder below the Data folder. The contents and structure of the TAB files are described within text within those data files.

    Retrieving the data volume

    Calibrated Data
    Raw Data