Saturn Ionospheric Profiles – 5/5/2003 to 5/31/2013

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Saturn's Ionospheric Profiles

Brief description of data set
This is a collection of Saturn ionospheric profiles obtained by radio occultations of the Cassini spacecraft. They cover a range of dates from the first occultation on orbit 7 on May 5, 2005 until the occultation occurring on the 191st orbit on May 31, 2013. All occultations after orbit 151 were done in two-way mode, while the orbits 7 - 151 occultations were done in one-way mode. All of these profiles were taken directly from Arv Kliore's original files but required limited modifications – See About this data set

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Citing the Datasets for Publications

P.J. Schinder (2011), CassiniRAdio Science Ionospheric electron density profiles, NASA Planetary Data System,

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