Mariner 9 - Nov 14, 1971 (Ls 293 MY 9) to Oct 17, 1972 (Ls 98 MY 10)
    Viking 1 - Jun 23, 1976 (Ls 85 MY 12) to Jul 25, 1980 (Ls 140 MY 14)
    Viking 2 - Aug 11, 1976 (Ls 107 MY 12) to Jul 19, 1978 (Ls 115 MY 13)

    The longitude-latitude distribution of several types of clouds within the martian atmosphere that were detected in images obtained with the Imaging Science System (ISS) onboard the Mariner 9 orbiter. Haze type clouds were most prominent during the Northern Winter through Northern Spring time interval covered by the Mariner 9 imaging.

    This data set consists of a catalog of clouds observed in Mariner 9 and Viking Orbiter images. The entire Mariner 9 and Viking Orbiter image data sets (approximately 7400 and over 50000 images, respectively) were examined at least twice, by two separate observers. Cloud occurrences were compiled by examining images for specific cloud morphologies, examining the same area at different times, utilizing limb images, and consulting photomosaics to determine the spatial relations of cloud obscurations. The data set contains details of the cloud occurrences and the images in which they were observed.

    Useful Mission Documents

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    Data Description Document The Data contained within the Mariner 9 PDS cloud archive provide the location (latitude, longitude), time (Ls and time-of-sol), cloud type, and other quantitative aspects of the cloud occurrence and image conditions under which the cloud was detected.

    Reduced Data in tabular ASCII form.

    Note: Mariner 9 (spanning Ls 293 MY 9 to Ls 98 MY 10), Viking 1 (spanning Ls 85 MY 12 to Ls 140 MY 14) and Viking 2 (spanning Ls 107 MY 12 to Ls 116 MY 13) orbiter cloud data are contained in the same volume (vomr_0001). The file structure is the same for all 3 missions.