Nov 14, 1971 (Ls 292.3 MY 9) to Oct 18, 1972 (Ls 98.1 MY 10)

    The spatial and temporal distributions of the infrared spectra obtained with the Mariner 9 IRIS instrument during that orbiting missions' lifetime spanning Ls 293 (MY 9) through Ls 98 (MY 10).

    The Data contained within the Mariner 9 IRIS PDS archive are provided in the form of spectral intensity measurements (W cm-2 cm-1 sr-1). The data span the wavenumber range from 199.72 cm-1 to 1960.675 cm-1 and the spectral resolution is 1.174753507 cm-1 at 1500 cm-1.

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    The data was strongly influenced by communication constraints that were imposed on the mission.

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    Calibrated Spectral Data
    The Data are presented in tabular BINARY form.