Atmospheric Water (MAWD) - CERTIFIED
    Jun 22, 1976 (Ls 84.8 MY 12) to Jul 30, 1980 (Ls 142.7 MY 14)

    The time and zonal mean martian water vapor column abundance, in units of precipitable microns, derived from MAWD measurements of absorption of Mars-reflected solar flux at 1.4 μm during the first ~1.2 martian years of the Viking Orbiter 1 and 2 missions. (Figure from Jakosky and Farmer, 1982, JGR, 87, 2999-3019. (

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    Description of the DATA Document
    The data contained in this volume is the Viking Orbiter 1 (vo1) and Viking Orbiter 2 (vo2) MAWD water vapor column estimates from which the above presentation was derived.

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    Calibrated Data
    The data are in tabular ASCII form in files the mawd_vo1.dat (151 Mbytes!) and mawd_vo2.dat (64.4 Mbytes!) files within the data folder.