Atmospheric Entry Profile (PDS3 and PDS4 labels are available) - CERTIFIED
    July 4, 1997 - 16 hrs 51.73 min to 16 hrs 54.68 min - Ls 142.3 MY 23

    Pathfinder pic

    To the right is shown the ATMOSPHERIC TEMPERATURE PROFILE and the +/- 3 σ uncertainties derived from the acceleration measurements obtained during Pathfinder's Entry, Descent and Landing on July 04, 1997.
    Atmospheric Density and Pressure profiles were also derived from the EDL accelerometer measurements. In fact, Density is the primary derived quantity. Pressure is derived via vertical integration of the Density, and Temperature is then derived via application of the Ideal Gas Law to the derived Density and Pressure values and an assumed height-dependent Mean Molecular Weight. All of these quantities: the derived Density, derived Pressure and derived Temperature profiles, as well as the assumed Mean Molecular Weight, are provided in the ASCII file in the edl_rdr directory within the DATA subdirectory of the Mars Pathfinder Lander Meteorology data archive mpam_0001.

    Useful Mission Documents
    Description of the data volume
    Mission Description
    Spacecraft Description
    Instrument description and see Sieff, et al, JGR. Vol 102. No E2, 4045-4056.
    Calibration Documents
    Also the accdtcal and acchkcal in documents

    The Data Description
    These data were collected by accelerometers, temperature sensors, a pressure sensor, and a wind sensor.
    Accessing the Data Volume

    Accessing the data
    Derived Data (zip file 40 kb)
    Raw Data (zip file 624 kb)

    Citing Data Sets for Publication
    Derived Data
    CITATION_DESC = Magalhaes, J.A., MPFL-M-ASIMET-4-DDR-EDL-V1.0, Data Set Name, NASA Planetary Data System, 1998.

    Raw Data
    CITATION_DESC = Schofield, J.T., MPFL-M-ASIMET-2/3-EDR/RDR-EDL-V1.0, , NASA Planetary Data System, 1998.