Windsock & Dust Devils - CERTIFIED

    These derived products were not archived in the Atmospheres node of the PDS. Data and Information concerning them can be found in the following sites and references.

    Individual wind speed estimates derived from IMP images of MPF's Windsock, sols 1-83

    Raw IMP images of the windsock are archived in the Imaging node

    Select Planetary Image Atlas

    Select Mission = Mars Pathfinder, Instrument = IMP, and Target = wind

    Data is stored in Volumes mpim_0001, 0002 and 0003. Click on the View Folder icon and look for sky folder.

    Basic Reference
    Sullivan, R., R. Greeley, M. Kraft, G. Wilson, M. Golombek, K. Herkenhoff, J. Murphy, P. Smith, Results of the Imager for Mars Pathfinder windsock experiment. Journal of Geophysical Research, 105(El0), 24,547-24,562, 2000.

    Dust Devils from IMP images

    Basic References
    Metzger, S.M., J.R. Carr, J.R. Johnson, T.J. Parker, M.T. Lemmon, Dust devil vortices seen by the Mars Pathfinder camera. Geophysical Research Letters, 26(18), 2781-2784, 1999.

    Ferri, F., P.H. Smith, M. Lemmon, N. Rennó, Dust devils as observed by Mars Pathfinder. Journal of Geophysical Research, 108(E12), 5133, doi:10.1029/2000JE001421, 2003.