May 25, 2008 23 hr 30.80 min to 23 hr 38.62 min - Ls 76.2 MY 29

    Atmospheric Density and Pressure profiles were also derived from the EDL accelerometer measurements. In fact, Density is the primary derived quantity. Pressure is derived via vertical integration of the Density, and Temperature is then derived via application of the Ideal Gas Law to the derived Density and Pressure values.

    All of these quantities: the derived density, derived pressure, and derived temperature profiles, as well as the 1-σ errors, are provided at 1-kilometer vertical resolution altitude intervals in the PHXCOMPACT.TAB ASCII file in the Raw Data collection.

    The data presented above are provided at 1-km altitude increments. The enhanced vertical (and time) resolution data set of derived Entry, Descent, and Landing variables (altitude, density, pressure, temperature) and other relevant measurements is provided in the PHXPROFILES.TAB ASCII data file, which is located within the Reduced Data collection. The contents of PHXCOMPACT.TAB file are derived from the contents of the PHXPROFILES.TAB file as described within the DATASET.CAT file located in the Documents collection.

    Atmospheric Structure Experiment (ASE)
    During the Entry, Descent, and Landing (EDL) phase of the mission, atmospheric data were collected in order to determine the first profiles of atmospheric density, pressure, and temperature from a martian polar region.

    Useful Mission Documents
    Mission Description
    Spacecraft Description
    Software Interface Specification (SIS) - Description of the instrument and data structures
    Calibration Document - Description of the calibration methods

    Archive Bundle Collections
    Document - Directory containing the documentation collection, including references to refereed journals using this instrument.

    Data - Directory containing both the raw data (EDR) and reduced data (RDR) for EDL.
    Data Set Description (pdf)

    For the Experienced User
    Complete Bundle - Zip file containing the entire ASE Bundle
    ASE Bundle Root - The root directory for the entire ASE instrument Bundle.

    Selecting and Requesting Data - The following approach can be used to obtain data that meets your specifications. Access to a time ordered list of the products allows you to under stand the scope of the data set and to assure that you have received all the data that meets your requir ements.

    Citing Data Sets for Publications

    CITATION_DESC = Dickinson, C.D., PHX METEOROLOGICAL DATA V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 2008.

    Other Useful Products for Interpreting the Data
    References - Representative Publications using the data
    Other Potential Relevant Data - Data that may be relevant from missions o ther than PHX
    Archived PHX SPICE ancillary data providing observation geometry (positions, orientations, instrument po inting, time conversions, etc.) are available from the PDS NAIF Node.