Entry Profiles data - CERTIFIED

    Atmospheric Entry Profile - Density, pressure, temperature versus altitude
    Viking 1 Lander - July 20, 1976 - Range - 120 to 5 km altitude + extrapolation to surface
    Viking 2 Lander - September 09, 1976 - Range - 110 to 26 km altitude

    To the left is the Viking 1 ATMOSPHERIC TEMPERATURE PROFILE (as a function of altitude) derived from the acceleration measurements obtained during Entry on June 20, 1976. To the right is the profile for the Viking 2 Lander on Sept 3, 1976.

    The Viking Lander atmospheric entry profile archive includes vertical profiles of density, temperature, and pressure derived from accelerometer measurements as each spacecraft descended through Mars' atmosphere. Useful Mission Documents

    Derived Data

    The entry profiles were not archived. We are providing access to recovered text files that contain tabulated tables of density, pressure and temperature and significant references. The references include a PDF file containing a scan of a retrieved paper copy of a technical report, the “Science” Viking 1 report, the “Science” Viking 2 report and a JGR article.

    Retrieving the profiles