Point-by-Point Surface Pressure data
             July 20, 1976 (Ls 96.8 MY 12) to Nov 13, 1982 (Ls 226.5 MY 15)

    These plots are examples of the point-by-point surface pressure measurements obtained by the pressure sensor on the Viking lander during 3 sols of the 2245 sol mission on Mars. Pressure measurements were not obtained continuously during the mission. The time-between-measurements ranged from ~1 second (though there are few instances of such frequent sampling) to tens of minutes. There are time intervals spanning hours or sols when no pressure measurements were obtained.

    Useful Mission Documents

    The Data

    The Description of the Point-by-Point Surface Pressures
    The dataset consists of pressure values versus time. Both Viking 1 & 2 are in data set VL1/VL2-M-MET-3-P-v1.0. The surface atmospheric pressure readings obtained through much of the duration of the Viking Lander 1 and 2 missions span sols 0 - 2245 for Viking Lander 1 and sols 0 - 1050 for Viking Lander 2. The data are derived from the ambient pressure sensor carried onboard the Landers and values are presented on a point-by-point basis.

    Retrieving the Data

    Viking 1 and 2 Data are located in the same file. The file and labels are identified as vl_p.dat, vl_p.xml and vl_p.lbl.

    Citing datasets for Publication

    Tillman, J.E., VL1/VL2-M-MET-3-P-V1.0, NASA Planetary Data System, 1989.