Surface Pressure Data

    The Viking 1 Meteorology Boom

    The Viking Meteorology Instrument System (MSA) was designed to measure atmospheric temperature, atmospheric pressure, wind speed and wind direction. The MSA was positioned 1.6 meters above the ground, 0.7 meters above the top of the Lander body, and about 0.3 meters horizontally outward from the closest portion of the Lander body. Wind speed was measured by means of two hot film anemometers oriented orthogonal to each other and lying in the horizontal plane. These hot film elements were maintained at a nominal overheat temperature of 100 degrees Celsius above the air temperature measured by the reference temperature sensor. The power required to maintain each anemometer at the specified temperature was a function of the component of the wind speed orthogonal to the element.

    Derived Pressure datasets
    Point-by-Point Surface Pressures
    Sol-averaged Surface Pressures
    Hourly-averaged Surface Meteorology Data including hourly averaged surface pressure for VL1 (Sols 1-350) and VL2 (Sols 1-1050)